Community Involvement

Baker Industries — A Shared Mission

DYAD Enterprise Community Involvement is committed to a sustained strategic partnership with Baker Industries to assist in supporting hard to employ adults as part of their customized kitting, assembly, packaging labor force. DYAD Enterprise’s support of diversity and inclusion within our workforce enhances our community-centric business focus while uniquely positioning us for a sustainable future.

Partnering to Support ‘Hard to Employ’ Adults in the Workforce

DYAD Enterprise is fast becoming one of our key partners. Baker Industries is a non-profit in the Philadelphia region focused on hiring hard to employ adults. Our folks may be returning citizens, have intellectual or physical disabilities, be in post addiction programs or homeless. To succeed we need strong partners who bring us jobs like kitting, assembly, packaging and shrink wrapping. The team at DYAD has made this very easy by supplying us with new heat sealing equipment, helping with delivery, and always being available.

“It is partners like these that Baker relies on to help as many adults as we can find permanent employment. We are excited about the future with DYAD by our side. “

Dan Porter, Sales and Marketing Manager & Rich Bevan, President

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Other Partners

Conestoga High School: Girls and Boys Lacrosse Team September 2020

DYAD supported the Conestoga girls and boys lacrosse teams to help raise $3,000 dollars for their season. In partnership with DYAD, the girls and boys lacrosse teams worked together to assemble 20,000 COVID-19 kits in three hours.

“DYAD was very gracious in allowing my team to raise money by packing covid testing kits, to support our cause. As an organization, they provided a clean, safe, and fun working environment and it was a great opportunity for our team to bond while helping others. Thank you DYAD for this opportunity and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

Amy Orcutt, Head Coach

Philadelphia Lacrosse Association (PLA) October 2020

Supporting youth in the community is core to DYAD’s community-centric approach. DYAD was a gold sponsor in the 2020 PLA golf outing to support youth lacrosse in the greater Philadelphia area. The Philadelphia Lacrosse Association thanks DYAD Enterprise for its support of our Annual PLA Golf Classic. The event has helped the PLA, a chapter of US Lacrosse, raise over $500,000 over the years to support the growth and development of lacrosse in Eastern Pennsylvania.

"DYAD's support will help the PLA reach and develop players from traditionally underserved areas, the same areas ironically that have been most devastated by the COVID 19 pandemic. We are grateful for DYAD's support for our community services initiatives, which will permit new players in new frontiers to discover the joy of America's truly native game."

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