What We Offer

Customized Kitting & Testing Services

Custom Solutions
On Demand

Our customized kitting services supply your company with personalized products and the ability to outsource your order fulfillment. DYAD will help you create kits that add value to your product line and business without taking on the in-house responsibility. We partner with you to:

  • Design a custom solution
  • Execute the order process
  • Packing and delivery to customer need

Distribution & Warehousing

Reliable Inventory

With over 200,000 sq feet of warehousing and distribution in all 50 states, our secure and systemized warehousing and distribution allows for piece -of -mind once your product is kitted or assembled for delivery.

  • Reliable sourcing
  • Inventory management
  • Streamlined and reliable efficiency
  • Temperature controlled and refrigeration options

Logistics, Labeling & Shipping

Seamless Integration
Inbound and Outbound

Multi-Carrier outbound and inbound mailing & shipping management software system with secure API integration of inbound/outbound shipping tracking data to other applications with HIPPA compliant file import options where applicable.

  • Carrier compliant addressing and label generation
  • Low postage and freight costs guaranteed given your delivery needs
  • Mail and package design consultation to ensure fast carrier processing

State of the Art 3D Printing


3D printing improves productivity and reduces labor cost with increased speed and decreased material use. This technology offers exciting new ways to provide personalized care and create better-functioning medical devices.


3D printing in a dental lab or practice creates an efficient workflow. It provides more accurate results with the ability to print complex designs, and adds the flexibility to create same-day implants for complete, reliable solutions.

Consumer Products

From design to prototyping within hours, and bring consumer products to the market faster with 3D printing. Its vast potential has many applications, including electronics, eyewear, toys, sporting goods, shoe designs, tools, and more.