Learn more about the uSmellit™ test & get a rapid test that detects the loss of smell.

A Revolutionary Humanitarian Response

With this revolutionary smell test you can directly determine a change in your olfactory ability in 4 simple steps. The test procedure was developed by American Professor Toomre of Yale University and has been mentioned in leading journals and major media.

Find out now how easy the test procedure really is and why children can also take this test without any problems.

Download the u-Smell-it™ App

The free uSmellit app is available to download via the Apple and Google stores.

u-Smell-it Product Image for the u-Smell-it rapid loss of smell test

Early Detection Of Odor Loss.

The u-Smell-it™ smell test was developed by an international research team to quickly and easily detect loss of the sense of smell. Various studies have shown that the loss of the sense of smell can be a sign of illness. 

With the u-Smell-it™ smell test you are able to test your sense of smell easily and at short notice and immediately detect and react to any possible change.

Secure & Encrypted

No personal information required! No names & no personal information is required ever for the u-Smell-it smell test.

Family Smart Detection

The u-Smell-it™ smell test is suitable for both adults and children due to its ease of use. All you need for testing is our new u-Smell-it™ smell test cards and the free u-Smell-it™ mobile phone app. 

The smell test takes an average of 45 seconds and then shows you the test result immediately. 

No personal data is collected or processed during the smell test.