About uSmellit

Our story started from here…, In March 2020 Professor Toomre saw COVID-19 ravaging the world and there were not enough tests.  There were hints that infected people might have something in common– olfactory dysfunction, in other words “loss of smell”.  As a scientist, Professor Toomre had the question:  How to develop a real quantitative test for olfactory dysfunction?  Something easy, fast and inexpensive test that everyone could take it anywhere, every day.

With the help of his business partners, they developed the device, smartphone applications, real-time spatial mapping of the pandemic and filed multiple global patents.

With the help of private equity partners, world-wide raw material sourcing and manufacturing has been established. Partner companies are the largest in the industry, with a global manufacturing capacity to produce several billion tests every day. u-Smell-it has the capability to manufacture immediately 50 million smell tests for olfactory dysfunction by far surpassing the manufacturing capability of any test available in the market today.

Currently, u-Smell-it has 5 multinational clinical studies ( including Yale) with one completed. u-Smell-it is diligent and rigorous in ensuring maximum quality across diverse testing conditions. Application for Emergency Use Authorization with FDA was submitted in October 2020.

Validation comes from the science.

Recent News & Press

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  • We are a Finalist for the XPRIZE
    We are thrilled to announce that the ‘u-Smell-it’ team is now a finalist for the XPRIZE for rapid Covid testing in the open category. Please click here to see the article ” Finalists selected in $6 million XPrize rapid Covid testing competition to help restart global economy” from the XPRIZE to learn more about this competition.
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     [ ENGLISH TRANSLATION of German Article] Köln – Can this really work? Can a corona smell test be as effective as a rapid antigen test? A preliminary study has now come to an astonishing result. So-called smell tests are actually as effective as rapid antigen tests – at the same time they are much cheaper and […]