• New York Times highlighted the benefits of smell test for Covid-19 with a low cost
    Our u-Smell-it test was featured by The New York Times, and they highligted the benefits of screening for Covid-19 with a low cost smell test. [From the article] …. But a reliable smell test offers potential benefits. It could catch far more cases than fever checks, which have largely flopped as screening tools for Covid-19. Studies have found that about 50 […]
  • How to live with a nonworking nose, Anosmia. Advice to COVID-19 survivors – by BuzzFeed News
    Jessica Garrison who is a senior investigative editor for BuzzFeed News, she lost her sense of smell in her twenties. In this article, she gives her advice to Covid-19 survivors who lost the sense of smell or people who is Anosmia how to live without a nonworking nose. [from the article] I Lost My Sense […]
  • Featured on New York Times – ‘Could a Smell Test Screen People for Covid?’
    The New York Times article examine our modeling paper on the impact of oldfactory testing and speak with numerous experts in ENT and infectious disease, digging into how this might help in the pandemic. [From the article] In a perfect world, the entrance to every office, restaurant and school would offer a coronavirus test — one with absolute accuracy, […]
  • Anosmia and Ageusia are the Strongest Sign You Have COVID-19, Study Says
    Loss of smell and taste are the clearest signs that you’ve got COVID-19 [ from the article] There are few symptoms more popularly associated with COVID than cough, fever, and shortness of breath. But a new international study suggests that there is another set of symptoms that can reveal a case of coronavirus with far more accuracy: a loss […]
  • By New York Times – ‘Some Covid Survivors Haunted by Loss of Smell and Taste’
    Ms. Hansen’s first symptoms was a loss of smell, and then of taste. [from the article] Until March, when everything started tasting like cardboard, Katherine Hansen had such a keen sense of smell that she could recreate almost any restaurant dish at home without the recipe, just by recalling the scents and flavors. Then the coronavirus […]
  • The ‘loss-of-smell’ COVID-19 symptom probably matters more than you think – by Zme Science
    By now, everywhere you look, lists of COVID-19 symptoms are out there. The tell-tale symptom that stands out as a real bummer (especially for foodies) is the loss of smell and taste. What happens if you lose the two? The doors to a myriad every-day experiences slam shut. You can’t smell. You can’t taste. A big part […]
  • ‘u-Smell-it’ Smell Test Featured on Denver7 – ‘New COVID-19 test looks to save time, money and lives through sense of smell’
    Denver 7 featured our ‘u-Smell-it’ smell test as ‘New COVID-19 test looks to save time, money and lives through sense of smell’. [ From the article] With millions of Americans getting tested for COVID-19 every single day, some are struggling with long waits for results. But now, researchers say there’s a much easier and faster way to test […]
  • We are a Finalist for the XPRIZE
    We are thrilled to announce that the ‘u-Smell-it’ team is now a finalist for the XPRIZE for rapid Covid testing in the open category. Please click here to see the article ” Finalists selected in $6 million XPrize rapid Covid testing competition to help restart global economy” from the XPRIZE to learn more about this competition.
  • Featured on KTNV Las Vegas – Researchers develop scratch and sniff test to help diagnose those with COVID-19
    Our ‘u-Smell0it’ smell test was also featured on KTNV Las Vegas last week. Please check the article from KTNV Las Vegas and the video on One News Page! [ the article from] Scratch and sniff stickers have gone high tech, becoming another way to test for coronavirus. Researchers at the University of Colorado and Yale University have developed […]
  • Preliminary study results promising: is there a completely new corona test coming? – featured on Express
     [ ENGLISH TRANSLATION of German Article] Köln – Can this really work? Can a corona smell test be as effective as a rapid antigen test? A preliminary study has now come to an astonishing result. So-called smell tests are actually as effective as rapid antigen tests – at the same time they are much cheaper and […]