Buy a smell test and download the app

You can purchase the u-Smell-it smell test cards here on our website. After you have bought your U-Smell-it cards, you have to download the U-Smell-it application in the respective app store of your mobile phone. 

You need this app to interact with the test cards and then receive the test result directly. 

Now scan the barcode of your smell test card via the app

After you have installed the app on your mobile phone, the application needs access to your camera in order to scan the barcode on the test card and to interpret the odor patterns contained on the test card. 

Access is only for the scanning process and is then terminated so that you can start testing.

Now start the smell test

Please keep the app open and your personal smell test card to hand. Now start to roughen the coating of field 1 (e.g. fingertip). Note that for reasons of hygiene, no abrasion should occur. Then smell the test field. 

Now select the corresponding odor mark in the app and continue with this procedure with the next test field, continuously up to test field number 5. 

Please always check whether your entry has been correctly entered in the app and highlighted visually.

Find out your test result directly

After you have entered and confirmed your selection for the respective fields, the information will be compared with the correct answers in the system. You will immediately receive the evaluation of your test result. 

It is recommended to carry out the test at regular intervals of 3 days in order to be able to react quickly to a possible change in your olfactory ability. Please dispose of the respective smell test card of your rapid test after a single use.

This instructional video explains you how to take the u-Smell-it test at home or anywhere step by step.