u-Smell-it test is a Pre-Corona test. Research shows that our nose is a powerful secret weapon to help identify COVID-19 as up to 85% of people infected with the coronavirus experience loss of smell. Identifying loss of smell, aka anosmia, is a 5-10 times more specific indicator than a temperature test.

This is due to the nature of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which binds ACE2 Receptors that are enriched -500 fold in top of the nose. Thus a unique feature of COVID-19 is a loss of smell even without a stuffy or runny nose that is typical of the flu.

Do we need a smell test?


When any of our 5 senses are altered to properly determine this requires a sensitive and standardized test, such as a vision test or hearing test -especially when there is only partial alteration. Same with smell – this requires a quantitative smell (aka olfactory) test. For the loss of smell maybe very subtle and not noticed. There can be other effects such as foods may taste different.

Our u-Smell-it cards are designed to detect what is hidden and are noticed and optimized. To help detect for Covid-19 induced loss of smell in a format that is fast, inexpensive, accurate and even fun.

This is not a diagnostic test rather an indicator that you may have loss of smell and may give false positive or negative results.

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